Choose foods containing healthy fats.

healthy food guide recipes


Healthy diet for everyone is very important. Because food is the principal source of energy for daily activities. For men who work every day to be thinking about food as a priority in order to live well. And for women is also very important because they do so much homework.

healthy food guide recipes

Nutrient intake and energy needs for all that must be balanced. With that a healthy diet can be represented by four of five perfectly healthy, including:

  • Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates here are on rice, wheat, cassava, and others. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body, but in pernggunaannya langgung harbohidrat can not be used, but through some process of digestion for approximately 2 hours into energy that is ready for the move.

  • Protein. Next is protein. Protein is found in some foods such as tofu, tempeh, eggs, meat, and much more. Protein itself can be used as an instant energy or can directly be used by the body. In other words, the digestive process is very fast.

  • Minerals. Vegetables is a healthy diet that contains a lot of minerals in it. Because the vegetables are often the choice of food for people who are on a diet program

  • Vitamins. Vitamin abundant in fruits. All types of fruits have vitamin content varies. Because the fruit is highly recommended for daily consumption.

  • Milk. Here milk is a complement of four meals above in order to be a healthy food perfect. But milk is also important because it contains calcium which can help the growth of bone.

Four of five perfectly healthy food is to be the maximum absorbed by the body, it must use a healthy diet as well. In everyday meal regularity and precision in foods can be likened to a natural diet. So no need to bother a diet program that can reduce your appetite. And it helps us pay attention to the selection of food that we eat, because lately a lot of fraud from the merchant in order to benefit as much as possible. Let us eliminate fraud with a healthy diet and does not contain harmful substances. And so the reviews this time on a healthy diet, useful semuga and thank you for your attention.


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